Overhead travelling cranes

Double girder overhead travelling crane

At a glance

  • SWL up to 120 t.
  • Spans up to 40 m (SWL dependent).
  • Additional features can be easily added.
  • Fast long and cross travel speeds possible.

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Double is stronger! If you need to transport heavy loads of up to 120 t across large areas then MUL HAHAR double girder travelling cranes are your first choice. Like all MUL HAHAR gantry cranes, they integrate well into different building structures, whether new or existing, thanks to various main girder connection options. MUL HAHAR double girder travelling cranes guarantee continuously high functionality, flexibility and ease of operation.

In addition, MUL HAHAR accessories and components offer a wide variety of specialised equipment for certain applications. MUL HAHAR double girder travelling cranes type ZLK feature welded box girders. All sections used for main girders and end carriages are computer-optimised for high performance and low weight, benefits that pay in terms of strength and cost efficiency.

MUL HAHAR double girder travelling cranes are available for spans of up to 40 m and feature the versatility needed for special requirements. For example, faster long travel speeds, maintenance platforms, crab units with walkways and auxiliary hoists are all features that can easily be implemented.


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