Security Doors

Mul Hahar specializes in making security, blast and also special application doors (protection against gas, biologic, chemical-atomic attacks, and doors to counter hot or cold breakdown). Radiation protection (EMP, radiation rooms, etc).

Anti-violent outburst doors.

The doors are installed in all the security sites in Israel (and abroad) and also in mass shelters, such as the parking lot in the Rambam Hospital, the Tel Hashomer Medical Center, train stations etc.

The doors are manufactured according to the clients’ requirements or according to the clients’ / Home Front Command demands and includes our complete planning.

The range of the doors starts from man-width (some weigh more than 1 ton), and even 10*10 doors weighing dozens of tons.

Our unique planning, manufacturing and installation techniques enable manual operation also for extremely heavy doors (weighing even 30 tons).


  • Manual operation systems
  • Semi-automatic and automatic opening and locking mechanisms
  • Coordination with the building control systems
  • Sealing systems for various pressures, from rubber seals and up to inflatable pneumatic seals, to ensure a perfect seal under high pressure
  • Doors of esoteric materials, to prevent hot and cold breakdown
  • Optional addition of safe locks, sensors and detectors
  • Concrete-filled doors
  • Sliding doors featuring low thresholds for the transportation of vehicles
  • Manual and automatic threshold bridging systems
  • Paint systems for corrosive environments